Room Additions
                                                                                             Maybe your family is getting bigger or your just looking to add more space to your home. One thing is for sure, room addtions bring alot of                                                                                                  value to your property and with SoCo, we make it look good. Unlike most other improvements to your home, a room addtion requires nearly                                                                                                every skill in the construction trade. Anything from concrete/foundations, framing, interior trim, Hvac, and electrical to the installation of siding, windows, soffit, gutters, and roofing systems. There is a lot to consider no doubt and it's 
very important for you as the homeowner to hire a company that is experienced with all phases
of the project. We’ll work with you directly on the design of your new room addition, and we’ll
handle every aspect of the project, from the design to the completion of the job. We Offer;
  - Free estimates with everything we do
  - No pressure no obligation Design and Consultations
  - Design and Constructionof full remodels and room additions
  - Design and Construction of sun Rooms and three Season Rooms
  - Design and Construction of decks, patios, and 0utdoor living spaces
  - Guarunteed installation and full warranty on products
  - References from all over Q.C.A. upon request

We are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and registered with all the cities in the Q.C.A. We take the

time and have the experience to make sure that nothing is forgotten and you never look back

wishing you would have done it a different way. As one of our past customers said "You guys

take a job, think about it, and put it together like a puzzle". We don't like to take these sort of 

compliments lightly, we take them to heart. Here at SoCo we are proud of our work and proud of our reputation. It feels good when you do a good job, and someone notices. This is the mindset we carry in with us on every job and it shows. If you have any questions or concerns at all please don't hesitate to give us a call we are here to help!