Siding and Windows
Siding and windows are the number one and number two improvements customers make to their homes.  Windows being the worst area for energy loss in a home and siding playing the biggest part in curb appeal it makes since why these improvements are so important.
We offer low e-argon windows from the best manufacturers like Anderson and Revere. We offer a large range of siding options from Royal
Building Products, Revere Home Exteriors, and Certainteed. Each of our siding
manufacturers have a little something different to offer and we can tailor those
choices to fit your specific needs. Please take a look below at the services we offer
for imporoving your homes exterior.
  - Energy Star Rated windows and Siding
  - Professional installation of all types of windows
  - Professional installation of soffit and coil trim
  - Professional installation of all types of siding 
  - Custom design and build of bay or bow windows
  - High quality worksmanship with satisfaction  guarunteed
  - Full Warranty of all of our siding and window products
  - Personable, trustworthy, and intelligent workers
  - Maintain a clean and safe workplace at all times

Here at SoCo Roofing & Remodeling we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfied with the job you paid for. We guarantee all the work we do and have the reputation to back it up. Fully licensed, bonded, insured and registered with all the cities in the Q.C.A. so you have no worries about the "what ifs" of improving your home. Family owned and operated, big fans of local business, References available upon request. Give us a call if you have any questions we are here to help!